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Director of Digital Signage

and Exterior Electrical Technology

"Matt has been a great asset in customizing a class to fit the needs of our franchise network. He listened to our challenges and then combined his vast training catalog to address our goals. His depth of sign knowledge is an amazing asset and his passion for the industry shows in his teaching. He is flexible and punctual to all of the remote sessions when conducting a class of students from across the country. We especially like the way he simplifies topics that would normally be very complex and scary for new people in the industry, into easy to understand portions that can be digested and absorbed. 

Matt has been great to work with and we look forward to creating more classes to help fine tune the skills in our network while creating the next generation of sign experts."

Wayne Rasor




Vice President / Operations

"I found Matt in the back of a sign magazine a little over 8 years ago. At the time, our company was still new and just beginning to test the waters of electrical signage fabrication. I had only been with the company for a little over a year and I had zero experience when I was hired. We looked to Matt to help us develop more professional looking proofs.


What I received was much more than that. 

Matt realized how much development I needed. It was beyond design. Matt was eager to teach me all there was to know about the sign business.  I learned so much from Matt that I consider him my mentor. As our company grew, we used Matt as a great resource for things ranging from marketing brochures to fabrication plans. Matt has developed our survey forms and proof templates as well. Now our company is considered one of the top in the city of Houston.


We still lean on Matt when we want to make a first class impression. Matt has helped me to earn my biggest clients.


Any designer or company looking to utilize Matt's experience will get much more than they pay for.

Matt is the best in the business."

Collin Cantrell

Vice President / Operations

Humble Sign Co.


San Antonio, TX



President, SAR Global

"Matt was great to work with in developing a training program for my in-house designer.  Not only did he walk through improving our design templates and standards, he spent time with our designer, understanding where our designer’s skillset was and where our designer wanted to grow. 


Matt then crafted and executed a great training program over several weeks that really helped our designer learn and hone new skills.  Matt used not only demonstration designs in his teaching, but also used our current customer’s requests for designs as teaching aids and confidence builders for our designer. 


Always open to feedback and adjusting for the best outcome, Matt was a pleasure to work with both for me as a business owner hiring his services and for my employee learning as a student. 


I highly recommend tapping into Matt’s vast experience and knowledge!”

Daniel Peavy


SAR Global

Loveland, CO


Owner / Designer 

"--- be it technical drawings or beautiful illustrations, his mastery of sales and how to sell yourself/your product, how to effectively communicate between departments, or catching minor issues that may turn into major costly ones down the road. I have seen him continually provide value beyond the initial task or scope of work.


He is a trusted resource and genuinely good human that truly wants others to succeed. Values that seem in short supply or are simply hard to find these days in the sea of people trying to make a quick buck.


There's a reason, albeit many, that Matt has numerous clients that he’s worked with for 15+ years!"

Fort Collins, CO


Owner / Graphic Designer

Houston, TX



"--- in all it's sincerity I want to say Thank You.  Who knew a phone call to you would lead to developing a process that has transformed me from Sales Person to a Sales Professional.  With your coaching, direction, guidance, and paraphrased words I have been experiencing a level of success I've never had before." 

"--- That is how incredibly knowledgeable Matt is and how gifted he is at conveying what he knows about this industry.  I feel enormously lucky to have worked with Matt and I can confidently say that he will elevate your understanding of the craft in innumerable ways--and always with a killer sense of humor!


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